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    100 AMP ATS


    100 AMP Weatherproof ATS

    Transfer switches protect critical electrical loads against loss of power. A standby (emergency) generator backs up the normal grid power. The transfer switch connects either the normal or the emergency supply to the load. When grid power is lost or out of tolerance , the transfer switch starts the generator and transfers the load to the standby source. Eventually, after the grid is restored  or within tolerance, the ATS connects the load back to the grid and turns the generator OFF.


    Electrically or Manually operated, Mechanically held contacts.
    Compact size
    Monitor normal source over and under voltages/frequencies
    Built-in 7-days with/without load exerciser.
    Aluminum Enclosure
    Designed for home and light commercial ATS applications.


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    MTECH’S Line of Whole House Diesel Generators are perfect for those looking for an affordable generator backup system.

    Auto Run Technology – Fully automatic hands free starting and changeover operation when integrated with our line of MTECH Transfer Switches.

    All of our residential generators come equipped with the smartgen digital control lcd panel, which provides full automatic control and monitoring of the generator. Features include:automatic start/stop, Extensive parameter monitoring and protection

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    Clean Run Technology – Ideal for powering delicate electronic equipment such as Computers, Televisions and much more.

    Eco Run Technology – Ideal for powering Lights, Stereo Systems, Fans or more demanding equipment such as Fridges, Power Tools and more.

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